Demo Pigeon On Your Site

You can use the following examples to do a live demo on your staging site. Send us an email at to let us know the domain you will be using so we can activate it. Have your developers drop the following code into your staging site:

		<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
		<script type="text/javascript">
		    var Pigeon = new PigeonClass({

Testing Content

You can use the following HTML wrappers to test on the content:

Scenario 1

Unauthorized users will only see the first paragraph of the article.

		<div class="pigeon-first-p">
			<p>The content of your article. Only this paragraph will show if the visitor is not authorized.</p>
			<p>This paragraph and any subsequent content will be removed if the visitor is not authorized.</p>
			<?php // If you are using WordPress ?>
			<?php get_the_content(); ?>

Scenario 2

This content will be hidden from unauthorized users.

		<div class="pigeon-remove">
			<p>All content with a class of pigeon-remove will be removed if the visitor is not authorized.</p>
			<?php // If you are using WordPress ?>
			<?php get_the_content(); ?>

Pigeon Promotion Box

This content can used to promote unauthorized users to sign up.

		<div class="pigeon-context-promotion" style="display:none;">
			<?php // If you are using WordPress you could include the excerpt here ?>
			<?php get_the_excerpt(); ?>
			<!-- This is where you can promote your content. -->
			<!-- The link with a class of pigeon-open will open the pigeon modal -->
			<p>This page is available to subscribers. <a href="#" class="pigeon-open">Click here to sign in or get access</a>.</p>


You can also add a status widget to your site.

		<nav id="pigeon-widget-status"></nav>

The above code and will render something like this, but you can style it however you like:


Testing Payments

You can test with the following payment details:

Card Number: 5555 5555 5555 4444
Expiration: January 2019
Verification Code: 123

Admin Demo Videos

Below are a few demo videos of the admin area.

The People Manager

The People Manager is where you browse and modify your subscribers and their plans.

Communication Tools

The Communication platform allows you to control automated email notifications, as well as send out newsletter campaigns.

Reports and Analytics

The reports and analytics pages can give you powerful insights into the success of your plans.

Browsing the Data

Subscribers, orders, and transaction data are connected in a variety of ways, so there's a few different avenues to quickly find exactly what you're looking for.

The Print Vendor Tool

The Print Vendor tool allows you to generate a list of all your print subscribers, and automatically send that list to your printing vendor.

a Demo