Promotional Page Customizations

Off the Shelf

Example of a standard landing page.


Pigeon offers a basic, off-the-shelf promotional landing page for displaying your available subscription plans. Prospective customers can select a plan here, and begin the registration process.

During the initial PigeonPaywall setup process, our team at Pigeon adds your company logo and then does its best to match your brand’s colors to this landing page.

Additional Elements

Beyond that, this default landing page is currently rather limited in further customizations. However, there are a few additional, basic elements that we can add for you if necessary.

  1. Extra text block
  2. Large image
  3. Styled letter

Below are a few examples of these elements.

An extra block of text can be inserted above the plans.


A large, independent content box can be added.


If you supply us with a large banner graphic, we can insert it here.


A stylized letter option.

Custom Promotional Page

This basic promotional landing page is good for getting started quickly, but ultimately, we encourage you to create your own promotional pages directly on your website. This gives you total control over the design and branding, and allows you to better create engaging, tailored promotionals for your audience.

From your custom promotional page, create signup buttons that link directly to the appropriate plan registration page.