Plugin Response Reference

The response variables can be accessed differently based on the plugin being used.


allowed type: bool
1 == content access allowed, 0 == content access denied
user_status type:bool
1 == logged in, 0 == logged out

meter_limit type: int
The preset meter limit before auth prompt happens.
meter type: int
The number of walled pages used.
content_expiration type: date string [YYYY-mm-dd HH:ii:ss]
The date and time the article's time meter expires based on the duration set in the Time Meter settings in Settings > Paywall Rules. Calculations are done based on the timezone set in your account from Settings > Environment. This will not return if no content date is passed to Pigeon or the time meter is disabled.
profile type: object / array
Profile returns when a person is logged in. Empty array if not logged in.
profile.display_name type: string
profile.internal_id type: string
The optional id from your system, often provided when accounts are imported from your internal fulfillment system.
profile.gender type: string
male or female
profile.dob type: string
Date of Birth
profile.status type: bool
1 == enabled, 0 == disabled
The person is authorized to see the content when enabled.
profile.temp_access type: string
Date when temporary access expires.
profile.ip_access type: bool
1 == accessing via allowed IP, 0 == not
profile.extend_{cust_name} Type: string | various
Pigeon allows for custom profile fields. This data is passed back in the format 'extend_{name of the custom field}'.
profile.parent_id Type: int
if set is the parent or group id for current user
profile.parent_name Type: string
if set is the parent or group name for current user
profile.plans Type: array
A list of active plan(s) attached to the account. This is empty if plans have been canceled or expired out.
profile.plans[0].access_id type: int
Represents the plan id. Plans are attached to paywall rulesets, so this can be used to identify what access level the plan has.
profile.plans[0].term_id type: int
Every plan id contains a term (i.e., monthly or annual). This is the specific term id of the plan.
profile.plans[0].access_tag type: string
Plans can be grouped by access tags (e.g., sports could be tagged to multiple plans).
profile.plans[0].name type: string
The name of the plan and term (separated by a hyphen '-').
profile.plans[0].start type: string (Y-m-d format)
Date when the current plan started.
profile.plans[0].next type: string (Y-m-d format)
Date when the next action takes place. Depending on the plan type this could be renewal, expiration, or hand off to another plan. Empty for complimentary accounts.
profile.plans[0].cc_expire type: string (m/Y format)
The card expiration date if there is a card on the plan.
profile.plans[0].type type: int
1 == Subscription, 2 == Trial, 3 == Complimentary
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