In just a few easy steps, you can launch your own mail server

Step 1: Choose the domain you would like to use for your email

You can use an existing domain, or register a new one. Pigeon currently only supports new email domains, but we will be enabling email migration from your existing mail host or mail server very soon.

Choose the domain you want to use for your email
Connect your hosting account

Step 2: Connect Pigeon to whatever hosting account you would like

Pigeon currently supports AWS EC2. We will be adding Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, and Linode in Q1 2017. With many more hosting options to come!

Step 3: Setup your email and configure your DNS

Pigeon will launch and configure a custom mail server for you, and all you'll have to do is update a few DNS records. We will walk you through every step.

Setup your email and DNS settings
Configure your mail client with your new email settings

Step 4: Configure your mail client - and start sending and receiving email!

Once it's all done, we will show you how to connect your new mail server to the desktop and/or mobile mail client of your choosing with IMAP. And that's it!