About Pigeon

We created Pigeon because we believe that everyone should be able to host their own email, without having to slog through the hard stuff, and despite their technical understanding of mail servers and infrastructure.

Anyone who can sign up for a standard cloud hosting account and knows a little about DNS settings can setup a Pigeon mail server. And we will always be improving Pigeon to make it easier to use. We welcome your feedback as we continue to build and grow Pigeon.

Join us and take back control of your email.

Things we care about

Our team is passionate about decentralizing the web, and an important part of that is giving you back ownership of your most important data, from the tools you use every day. Like email.

With Pigeon, you will always have full ownership of all your data.

We're proud to be revolutionizing some of the tools that were the foundation of the early days of the Internet. And this is only the beginning.

Join us in the email revolution.

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